The Health Ingredients Japan show recently wrapped up in Tokyo with Olympic Seafood and their Japanese partner Koyo Chemical presenting RIMFROST SUBLIME Krill Oil to the market. Japan is one of the largest and most important nutritional supplement markets in the world, while krill oil is one of the fastest growing segments internationally.  The Health Ingredients Japan show provided a natural link between these two and the results were phenomenal with high interest in RIMFROST SUBLIME from both within the Japanese market and from other Asian markets such as Taiwan and Korea.  

John Cameron and Inge Bruheim at HI Japan talking about the benefits of RIMFROST KRILL.

The overall presence of krill products at the Health Ingredients show was substantial with two major krill manufacturing companies present in addition to the regional distributors showing final products.  This level of presence shows the seriousness that the Japanese market deserves and will serve to boost development of the market.   The results were immediately visible with inquiries and orders already beginning to flood into Koyo Chemical’s booth at the event.


Olympic Krill Oil Symposium Marks High Point

Olympic Seafood delivered a well-received symposium during the Health Ingredients Japan event profiling the Company and RIMFROST SUBLIME Krill Oil. After a brief introduction of the brand, Mr Cameron stressed how Olympic’s vertical integration, centred upon its state of the art krill harvesting vessel, Juvel, guaranteed Olympic’s position in a market under supply and demand pressure. This security of supply is one of the main reasons why major krill customers are looking to partner with Olympic.

Mr. Cameron then outlined how the unique and patented processing on-board the Juvel, which preserves the nutrients of the freshly caught krill. The resulting krill meal is of the highest quality that is ideal for Olympic’s super-critical fluid extraction plant, which in turn forms the basis for RIMFROST SUBLIME Krill Oil.

The symposium then shifted to Olympic’s emphasis on responsibility to the Antarctic environment and eco-system, which it takes very seriously. This starts with Olympic’s own krill vessel, the Juvel, which aims for low energy consumption and minimal emissions. Its processes are fine-tuned so that only krill that can be immediately processed are harvested. This commitment is reflected in Friend of the Sea (FOS) accreditation and adherence to the principles of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).


The second segment of the symposium featured Dr. Inge Bruheim, director of research at Olympic Seafood. Dr. Bruheim focused his portion of the symposium on the particular form of omega-3 fatty acids found in krill known as phospholipid bound omega-3s: “Krill oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids in the phospholipid form. While omega-3s have long been recognized for their health benefits, recently phospholipid bound omega-3s have shown a clear link to increased bioavailability and bioefficacy. The principle is simple; phospholipid bound omega-3s are hydrophilic and easily mix with water whereas traditional omega-3s from fish oil are hydrophobic and separate in water. This difference in composition allows krill oil to be readily absorbed into the human body to provide a stronger effect than traditional fish oil in promoting a healthy heart and better treatment of inflammatory disorders.“


RIMFROST Set for Next Shows

After the successful event at Health Ingredients Japan, the RIMFROST KRILL COLLECTION will continue its presence on the international stage with appearances at Supply Side West in Las Vegas from November 7th-8th and at Health Ingredients Europe in Germany from November 13th-15th. Look for the distinctive Norwegian fishing hut known as a Rorbu!

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