Our vessel Juvel

We take great pride in our specialized krill-collecting vessel, Juvel, operating in the Antarctic Ocean

Our specialized krill-collecting vessel Juvel was introduced in 2009 as a modern and safe vessel in top condition and is still the most advanced ship in its class. Olympic is in charge of daily operations and crew management of Juvel and as of today, the crew consists of men and women from four different continents.

  • Lenght: 99,50 m
  • Beam: 16,00 m
  • Hull: Ice 1A
  • Accommodation: 56 persons


Our vessel Juvel uses an acoustic search technology to locate krill swarms of a suitable size, and therefore we know exactly where and how deep to cast our nets. Underwater sensors and surveillance equipment are used to check the conditions of the trawl and to observe the krill collecting.

Due to our efficient and precise catch methods, there is no need for lingering around with the trawls for long periods of time. Our processing method does not require large quantities and thereby we are not dependent on a continuous pumping system to bring the krill on board. We only collect a batch of krill when we are in need for processing and this gives us the freshest possible raw material. We do not use bottom trawling, and thereby avoid doing harm to the seabed.

Our trawl is also specifically designed to avoid by-catch due to physical barriers in the trawl mouth. The main season for krill collecting is between January and September when the krill predators have completed their breeding season. During this time, the predators are dispersed over large areas and not only located in their colonies. By focusing our krill catching activities to the time of year when the predators are not relying on specific areas for hunting, we are not competing with the species that feed off krill.