Rimfrost is the home
of krill innovation

Our world-leading innovation is driven by our belief that krill is an amazingly rich nutritional source, with the lowest possible impact on the planet.
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Sustainable krill harvesting

Sustainability is a key factor in our operations

Rimfrost harvest krill sustainably in pristine Antarctic waters and have commissioned an environmentally-friendly fishing vessel.

Rimfrost is the only krill company with both Friend of the Sea and MSC certifications.
Patented production technology

World-leading innovation in krill omega-3 products

Our world-leading innovation has improved the oil extraction process to take better care of the nutrients and produce krill oil more sustainably.

Krill nutrients

Rimfrost takes better care of the krill nutrients

Our patented production process results in nutrient-rich 100% pure krill oil. Our krill oil is a very rich and highly bioavailable source of the marine omega-3 fatty acids DHA/EPA in the form of phospholipids. It also contains 2-3 times more of the antioxidant astaxanthin than other krill oils.

Products with business opportunities
Rimfrost maximise the business opportunities in the krill products market

Health-conscious consumers are actively supplementing their omega-3 levels. Rimfrost krill oil meets consumer demands for purity and sustainability and is validated in seven published, peer reviewed studies. Rimfrost krill oil is therefore a valuable addition to your product portfolio.

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