About Rimfrost

Rimfrost is a Norwegian biotech company producing sustainable high quality krill products for human health and animal nutrition.

A competitive edge

Our long traditions and knowledge in fishing, combined with a patented extraction technology, guarantee high quality products from sustainable and traceable krill harvesting in Antarctica.

We use our patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology to process our krill. We do this offshore, immediately after harvesting and produce a sustainable krill product that is rich in EPA/DHA phospholipids, astaxanthin and proteins. This world-leading innovation means we take better care of krill nutrients and use 30% less krill than most other companies, helping to guarantee the sustainability of Rimfrost krill products.

Our heritage

Having roots in the small Norwegian fishing town of Fosnavåg on the west coast of Norway, our owner Stig Remøy followed in the paths of his ancestors and invested in his first fishing vessel at the age of 19.

As a young captain, he was fishing shrimp in cold and distant areas of the Arctic and the sea taught him tough lessons and two important secrets to success: you need a skillful team and advanced technology. Based on these experiences combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, Stig has gradually and successfully expanded his business. Today he is operating in the Antarctic Ocean catching krill – with the best team and technology there is!

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