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Published: Jul 13, 2016
RIMFROST SUBLIME 60PL obtains regulatory approval for the EU market.
RIMFROST AS is a Norwegian vertically integrated biotechnology company that operates and controls the production of high quality krill products from raw material to finished capsules. The company’s recent innovation, a 100% pure krill oil extract with 60% phospholipids, has now obtained a favourable opinion from the Finnish Novel Food Board based on substantial equivalence and is therefore ready for the European market.
Published: Aug 21, 2015
Olympic Seafoods krill fishery receives Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification
Olympic Seafood AS has today received confirmation that its krill fishery is now certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
Published: Mar 30, 2015
Clinical study shows that bio-availability of EPA/DHA from krill oil is superior to fish oil
RIMFROST AS has published a randomized, single-dose, cross-over trial in Lipids in Health and Disease which documents the bioavailability of fatty acids from RIMFROST krill products and fish oil in healthy humans.
New Olympic trawler is designed to be smarter, greener and safer
RIMFROST will have management of new fishing vessel from Olympic
The growth of RIMFROST continues
Stig Remøy continues the growth of RIMFROST and hires Karl-Erik Slinning as new Commercial Director
Rimfrost AS reinforces the team in connection with planning of a new krill vessel
Rimfrost is in the planning and design phase for the construction of a new krill vessel. The vessel will be equipped to serve multiple market segments. The process facility in the new vessel will be based on patents owned by Rimfrost.
New studies confirm the high stability of Rimfrost Pristine krill powder
In a collaboration with NOFIMA and Denmark Technical University, two stability studies have been performed, showing that the krill powder is stable and minimal degradation takes place.